It was his BIRTHDAY. How could she do this to him? How could she be so cold? With a name like Lily, what did he expect? A beautiful flower, but lacking so much substance.
She let her roommate answer the door, but he was still polite to her.
(”Hey! Laura, could you get the door?”)
And then when the roommate was out of the way, he went to find her and what was she doing? Making dinner! After all the trouble he went through to prepare her favorite dinner, to get the champagne, to sprinkle the rose petals…
(”Excuse me?”)
He went through all of this effort. The suit. The car. He even sent HER flowers. He just wanted to make it an evening to remember. She couldn’t be bothered…
(”The roses? Were they from you?”)
After months of planning for the perfect birthday, she does THIS. After months of letters and romance and long nights and gifts, she just forgets the one day that’s supposed to be special to HIM?
She was just standing there, yelling at him. He explained it was his birthday, THAT’S why he was upset. THAT’S why this night meant something to him. She looked shocked. It must have slipped her mind.
(”Get out! I didn’t know it was your birthday!”)
That’s okay… That’s okay… He reassured her. They had only been TOGETHER a few months now. He had only mentioned his birthday once or twice. He could forgive her. Why don’t they just have a nice meal at his place and forget about this fight?
(”Where’s Laura?”)
He only asked for ONE DAY out of the year to be just his – to not be about HER – and she couldn’t even give him that.
(”…Where’s Laura?!”)
She didn’t care that he was heartbroken. She didn’t care about HIS needs, his wants, his LOVE for her and her alone.
(”You fucking PSYCHO STALKER, where the fuck is my girlfriend?! I’m calling the police!”)
Now she was just sitting there, in the passenger seat of his car. Staring at him. So uncaring. So cold. On his BIRTHDAY.
He put the car in park and leaned over to her, stroking his finger down her wet cheek and past the gag in her mouth.

“Lily… I hope my next birthday with you is better.”

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