On Writing Characters

I’m not sure if you’ve been asked this before but, what is your advice or your technique on forming well-rounded characters in writing? Despite my many attempts to create, my inept approach this cripples my hopes for making more than shorts and poems

Make a character.

Argue with them.

Continue arguing with them until you find out what you agree and disagree on, where you’ve both come from (regionally, spiritually, morally, etc.), what you enjoy and what you both want to accomplish.

If these things are all the same – don’t write that character, they’re just you. If at least one of them is different – it’s probably a well-rounded character that needs more work. Most importantly, keep writing them, keep talking to them and definitely keep arguing with them.

Eventually you’ll come out of it with a character that is their own person, especially if they annoy, frighten, excite or uplift you in some small or large way.

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